The Park Institute of America is the result of a collaboration between the Coalition to Protect America's National Parks and the Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment and is located at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. 

The Coalition to Protect America's National Parks (CPANP), founded in 2003, is comprised of nearly 2,000 former employees of the National Park Service.  Its members represent management and staff positions in all disciplines.  While some members of the CPANP will be on the Institute’s Advisory Board, the Institute will operate independently of the CPANP and will have no legal connection.

CNANP’s Annual Newsletter is available here. (Please Note: The views presented in this newsletter represent the views of the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks and do not necessarily represent the position or view of  the Park Institute of America.)

The Nicholas School of the Environment is located at Duke University in North Carolina. With a focus on understanding the earth and environment, the Nichols School mission is to create "knowledge and global leaders of consequence for a sustainable future."